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Well Water

Generally speaking private well owners are unaware of the risks associated with their water supply and many are under the assumption that they are consuming 'pure' water because it originates from groundwater. All well owners should check their wells to ensure their health is not at risk. This includes checking that:

  1. There aren’t any sources of pollution entering their well
  2. Testing the well water at least once a year
  3. Disinfection kills all E. coli including VTEC

The EPA can provide easy to use information on its website explaining what well owners should do to protect their health. More details can be found on their website at


Your check monitor bottles & procedure guide

Sample containers can be collected from our Dublin or Shannon laboratories. Please contact us to arrange a collection


Bottles required:

  • 1 x 1 litre General Chemistry Pet Plastic
  • 1 x 500 ml Blue Cap Bacteria bottle with Sodium Thiosulphate
  • 1 x 50ml Metals White Plastic

Sample Procedure:

  1. Fill out the label on the sample bottles with your details. Sample should be taken from cold drinking water tap.
  2. Clean the tap spout/nozzle thoroughly-preferably with boiling water to remove any bacteria that may be present. Let the tap run for a few minutes before filling bottles.
  3. When filling the Blue Cap bottle please be careful not to flush out the preservative that is already in bottle, only fill to neck of the bottle. Complete the chain of custody form received with your quote reference with all relevant information and payment option (last two pages)

Please be aware that samples/s should be taken and delivered on the same day, in order to receive accurate results. Samples can be received in our laboratory up to 3.30pm.


City Analysts Ltd provides a countrywide sampling and collection service. Please contact our office if you wish to avail of this.


Please be advised applying for a grant, some local authorities insist samples should be taken by reporting laboratory technician.

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