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On site Sampling and Monitoring

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Sampling Service

  • Experienced couriers, cold transport of samples
  • Minimum sampling holding times, microbiological analysed in laboratory on sample day
  • Design of sampling program
  • Specialist on - site monitoring (Biological Water Monitoring)
  • Rig available for filtering large volumes e.g. Cryptosporidium and Helminth analysis


1. Sample Reception

  1. Samples dropped in with a filled in Chain of Custody detailing analyses required
  2. Logged into the system
  3. Tests are added
  4. Samples are sent into the lab

2. Laboratory

Depending on requested analyses, samples can be sent to one or all our analytical departments 

  1. Microbiology
  2. Chemistry
  3. Wet Chemistry
  4. Cryptosporidium
  5. Legionella
  6. Toxicological

3. Results

  1. Results are compiled in our Laboratory Information Management System
  2. Reviewed
  3. Reports sent out to clients
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Lab Testing
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