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Well Water Testing

Private well owners are largely unaware of the risks associated with their water supply and many are under the assumption that they are consuming 'pure' water because it originates from groundwater.

The lack of awareness by homeowners of the risks to private water supplies, as well as poor well construction and low levels of treatment provided, is currently a matter of concern for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Well owners should check their wells to ensure their health is not at risk. This includes checking that there aren’t any sources of pollution entering their well and testing the well water at least once a year, ideally following heavy rain when it is most at risk of contamination. Disinfection kills all E. coli including VTEC and while public water supplies are disinfected most private wells are not.

Our primary service for domestic customers is a service in which you can order test bottles from one of our labs and perform your own sampling on your water supply. Upon return of the samples to one of our offices, the samples will be analysed by our expert team in a timely manner and the results will be made know to you as soon as available.


Should you have need for a regular testing requirement, we can also arrange this for you.


Should you like further details about any of these services or like to order a test kit, please contact us to discuss your needs further.