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Shannon Aquatic Toxicity Laboratory

Date written : 03/09/2014  |  Written by : Anna O'Neill

Shannon Aquatic Toxicity Laboratory (SATL) provides a nation-wide service to both industry and local authorities for investigating the hazards posed by substances discharged to the aquatic environment. The laboratory has over 30 years of experience and is the only toxicity testing laboratory in Ireland.

Media Library - Shannon SignToxicity tests measure the likely effect of substances discharged by industry and municipal treatment plants directly to the aquatic environment. The ‘aquatic environment’ includes freshwater and marine environments, and effluent treatment plants.

 Aquatic toxicity tests can be used to:

  • determine if a waste discharge complies with IPPC/WWDA/Local authority licences
  • determine if a substance complies with Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulations
  • determine if a substance complies with ADR Regulations
  • identify a substance’s Hazardous Waste Classification
  • evaluate the toxicity profiles of different waste streams within a manufacturing process (Toxicity Identification Evaluation)
  • provide data to determine best waste treatment options (Toxicity Reduction Evaluation)

Substances that can be tested

Aquatic toxicity tests can assess the potential hazard of a broad range of substances such as effluents, leachates, pore-waters, sediments and solid wastes.

SATL Laboratory carries out a wide range of aquatic toxicity tests using representative freshwater and marine organisms from different trophic levels including bacteria, algae, invertebrates and vertebrates. Test methods comply with internationally accepted ISO or OECD procedures.

Quality Control

The Laboratory implements a comprehensive quality management system to ensure the accuracy, precision and confidentiality of all work undertaken.

Other Services offered by SATL

Surface Water Quality Assessment

In addition to toxicity testing, SATL staff are qualified to undertake ‘Small Stream Risk Score’ assessments of water quality in small streams, rivers and lakes. This procedure determines water quality by examining the variety and abundance of macro-invertebrates in the surface water.

Sampling of Surface Waters and Sediments

SATL staff have the expertise and capability to sample waters, sediments and biota for subsequent analysis. They are equipped with a range of boats and sampling equipment suitable for inshore marine, river and lake surveys. All boat crew are appropriately trained. Clients who have availed of this service include Industrial, Local Authority and State Agencies.